DENTAL EXAMS: A comprehensive exam will be performed by one of our dentists at your initial visit. At your oral health recall (6 month hygiene appointment) the dentist and the hygienist will examine your x-rays, perform an oral cancer screening, check for gum disease, check for tooth decay (cavities) and check your existing restorations.

PROFESSIONAL DENTAL HYGIENE APPOINTMENT: Your dental hygiene appointments will be performed by a Registered Dental Hygienist. This appointment will include a dental exam and the following. Removal of calculus (tarter or hardened plaque) that can only be removed with special instruments. Removal of plaque which is a sticky film that harbors bacteria that leads to gum disease and tooth decay. Finally, tooth polishing removes stain and plaque that was not otherwise removed. This appt is far more than "Just a Cleaning". Professional Care and Prophylaxis Video

DENTAL X-RAYS: Radiographs (x-rays) are an essential diagnostic tool that show information not visible during regular exam. We use this information to safely and accurately diagnose hidden abnormalities. Without x-rays, problems may go undetected. Our state of the art digital x-ray equipment allows us to take radiographs using lower amounts of radiation which is safer for our patients. The Advantages of Digital X-rays Video


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